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What Is a Step Cut Diamond?

Learn about step cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


Step cut diamonds are either square or rectangular. They have facet that are rect-linear and they run parallel down the curl of the stone. So basically we look down into the stone, it's like staircase, like steps going down. So very different than brilliant cut, It reflects the light completely differently and it's definitely unforgiving any flaws, so you really need to purchase a stone in high color and clearly if you are interested in step cut. So step cut consist of emerald cuts, usher cuts, chabsois and bagus, which are most often seen as accent to rounds or pears and service little side stones. The tripozoids and emerald cut actually shown together in this ring makes it beautiful combination.

Their proportions just match up beautifully and it's a beautiful and elegant option. The usher cut here which been around for many years is more square shape. The emerald cut is more rectangular. And step cuts are also found in color stones, it's not limited to diamonds. We have this beautiful pair of pink sapphire ring with emerald cut set east to west instead of up and down, with two beautiful pink sapphire on the side. So these are step cut and beautiful option for someone that wants something little bit more understated and less sparkly than brilliant cut.

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