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What Is a Mixed Cut Diamond?

Learn about mixed cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So mixed cut diamonds basically are diamonds that incorporate fasting styles from brilliant cuts and from step cuts, allot of designer cuts are coming out now that are mixed cuts, there's the Chris cut, Leo cut few different cuts that people can brand for themselves. This mixed cuts are also available on color extrans as well there not just exclusive diamonds.

This are two beautiful color extoning examples of a mixed cut, so it's not defined as either or brilliant or step, but two mixed cuts that we do define are the princess cut which is a very popular cut and the radiant. Both of them are designed for maximum fire em-brilliance and a great stone if you want something that's brilliant and sparkling. The difference between the radiant and the princess, the princess is more square shape with sharp corners and the radiant is more rectangular like an emerald cut with crop corners.

So if you torn between a brilliant cut and an emerald cut go for a mixed cut and you can get the best for both.

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