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What Is a Heart Cut Diamond?

Learn about heart cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


We're going to talk a little bit about heart-shaped diamonds, which are very simply and sweetly diamonds cut into the shape of a heart. They're not for everyone, so you have to be really sure this is what she wants if this is something you're going to choose for a ring. But here I have some beautiful heart-shaped earrings. Heart-shapes are great also for necklaces and earrings.

They make a beautiful feature in other pieces of jewelry. But, if you do want to purchase a heart-shaped diamond, the most important thing to consider is cut. It's a brilliant cut and it also has these shoulders, similar to a pear-shaped, that you want to make sure are nice and round and even. And the little center part, the cleft, you want to make sure that that is centered. So, the proportions of the stone are very important.

And, as it's a brilliant cut, as with other brilliant cuts, they are forgiving of flaws, so you're able to maybe compromise a little bit and go with a lower clarity grade if the cut is the most important factor for you. So remember, as they say, a diamond is forever. A heart-shaped may seem like a great idea right now as a way to express your love, but perhaps not the best option for something that's timeless and for a lifetime. But a beautiful option nonetheless.

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