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What Is an Oval Cut Diamond?

Learn about oval cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


An oval shape diamond is also brilliant cut and offer something a little bit different than round. With considering an oval shape, the proportions are really important because you don't want one that's too long and thin or maybe too short and fat, you want a nice even balance and nice even length and width ratio. It's also a beautiful stone because it's elongating on a finger.

Another aspect that's really important with the oval which is same goes with the pear shape diamond is that sometimes there is something called bow-tie effect, and that happens in the cutting process. Sometimes there's a dark spot in the center of the stone, sometimes this is unavoidable, but make sure to pay attention to that factor if you're considering this stone. Another reason to consider in oval brilliant cut is it also looks beautiful with three stone ring. Here we have an oval with two half moon diamonds on side, it gives the ring bigger look, also accent with diamond down the side.

So it's nice and pleasing shape, all the proportions work beautifully together. So if you're looking for classic brilliant cut but you don't wanna purchase a round, an oval is a beautiful option. So here you have an oval brilliant cut diamond.

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