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What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Learn about emerald cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


We're talking about emerald cuts, and emerald cuts are called emerald cuts because they were originally designed for cutting emeralds. But they translate beautifully into diamonds. And emerald cut is a rectangular-shaped step cut, so it has long, elegant lines and broad flashes of light. It's a particularly good choice if you want to buy a big stone. Color and clarity are incredibly important in this stone.

The emerald cut almost looks like a mirror. It really reflects every little flaw and blemish, so it's really important to purchase one of the highest color and clarity if you want to maximize the brilliance of the stone. The stone's also a beautiful option for somebody who wants something a little bit more understated and less brilliance and sparkle of a round or an oval or a pear shape. So here we have to beautiful emerald cuts.

The fancy yellow is a little bit more square in shape, and the colorless is a bit longer in shape. They're definitely different in size, but you can still see the shape even though one stone is bigger than the other. Something to consider with emerald cuts also is that the bulk of the weight is sometimes in the belly of the stone, so they're going to appear a little bit smaller. So if size is important to you, and emerald cut may not be the best option. But you could buy a smaller stone and enhance it with trapezoids on the side. Both of these stones have step cuts on the side, trapezoids, that enhance the shape and the size of these stones beautifully.

So if a brilliant cut is not for you, and emerald cut is a beautiful choice.

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