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What Is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

Learn about asscher cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


An Asscher cut diamond is similar to an emerald cut diamond because it's a step cut, but it's square-shaped with cropped corners, so it's sometimes referred to as a square emerald cut. It's called an Asscher, because it was designed by Joseph in Asscher in 1902. The Asscher cut is another beautiful, elegant stone. It's very understated, so for someone who doesn't care for the brilliance and fire of a round or a pear or an opal shape, an Asscher cut is a beautiful option. What I love about the Asscher cut is it has this fabulous deco look to it, and something that you don't find in any other stone.

It tends to look a little bit smaller, as the majority of the weight is in the bottom of the stone, so if you're looking for a big stone, you're going to have to probably go up in price a little bit. Also, you can't really compromise on the color and clarity of the stone, as it's very unforgiving of flaws. So you want to make sure you stay within the colorless, near-colorless range, and in the very, very slightly included to very slightly included clarity grades.

The Asscher cut looks beautiful on a variety of settings. Here we have a split-shank with pave down the side and set in platinum, which reflects the light beautifully through the stone. So if the step-cuts appeal to you, but you don't like the long rectangular shape of an emerald cut, an Asscher cut is a beautiful option because of it's cropped corners, it's square shape, and it also has a lovely vintage look.

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