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What Is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

Learn about radiant cut diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So here we're talking about a radiant cut. Radiant is a mixed-cut diamond, so it incorporates elements of a step cut and a brilliant cut. If you're looking for a stone with maximum fire and brilliance, then a radiant cut is for you. The great thing about it is that it has that incredible sparkle and diffusion of light of a brilliant cut, but it has that long rectangular shape of an emerald cut. Another great thing about a radiant cut is that it's very forgiving of flaws, so if you have to compromise on clarity, the radiant is a great way to go.

So this radiant cut diamond is a beautiful rectangular shape and it's set with 2 trilliant cut diamonds on the side, basically 2 triangle-shaped diamonds. They're cut in the same mix-cut fashion as the radiant, so it compliments each other beautifully. These stones look great in a ring or in earrings. You can see my earrings, I have them set underneath pearls. So, diamonds are incredibly versatile.

So, if you love the shape of the emerald cut but you're not crazy about a step cut and you really want the brilliance and sparkle of a round, then a radiant is a great choice.

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