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What Are Fancy Colored Diamonds?

Learn about fancy colored diamonds from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So I want to talk a little bit about fancy colored diamonds. You may or may not know that diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, from yellow to pink, brown, orange, red, green and blue, some of them very rare and with a price tag to match.

So just like colorless diamonds are graded on a D to Z scale, once you get below Z diamonds fall into the fancy color range where the presence of color is actually a benefit, and it increases the value. Fancy colored diamonds also have their own grading system, beginning with Vivid Intense, and it goes down all the way to Faint.

I have a few colors here to show you. I have a Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Vivid Yellow. Here you can definitely see the difference when put side by side, that they yellow is much more intense in this stone than in this stone. But it's really all about personal preference and what looks best on the skin of the wearer. This one is a Fancy Orange Brown. Sometimes the two colors are combined, because there's presence of orange and presence of brown. There's a million color combinations. It's really about what appeal to you.

A fancy colored diamond is a great option if you want to purchase something a little bit different. And that's how to understand fancy colored diamonds.

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