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Diamond Settings Guide

Learn about different diamond settings from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


There's so many settings to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

Basically it boils down to solitaire as being the most popular. Solitaire, you can have a four-prong basket head or six prong, which sometimes people refer to as a classic Tiffany setting.

That's for a single stone as your central point.

Sometimes you can have little diamond accents down the side, or it can just perfectly plain and simple.

Side stones are another option. This pear-shaped diamond is flanked with baguettes, but it could be any other shape that compliments your center stone.

Also with inside stones, you have the option of channel set. This princess cut has radiant cuts, channel set down the side of the ring meaning they're sitting right up next to each other and protected by a row of metal.

Bezel set is another setting option where the stone is protected all the way around by metal. It sits nice and low and flush so the prongs don't get in the way.

A three-stone ring is a classic, traditional setting. It can be set with three diamonds across, or with sapphires on the side, anything that you choose.

And, lastly, we have a very popular option which is the halo. The halo is a row of diamonds around the center stone. The diamonds enhance the center stone, and they can also make it look a little bit bigger. This is a really feminine and delicate look.

Whatever you choose, you want your setting to be special to reflect your personality, and most importantly, to enhance your beautiful diamond.

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