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What to Consider When Picking a Diamond Ring Setting

Learn about the different factors you should consider when picking a diamond ring setting in this Howcast video featuring private jeweler Kate Hemphill.


So you've made it this far, you've selected the perfect diamond, now you need the perfect setting. And there's so many to choose from and I know it can be overwhelming, but let's just break it down in a few simple steps. You can always go with the solitaire, you can't go wrong, a single stone set in the middle with maybe a few rows of pave diamonds set down the side to enhance the center stone. Simple, easy, classic, beautiful. You could also go with a 3-stone setting, another classic, simple, elegant ring. You can't go wrong with either sapphires on the side and fancy-colored diamonds or 3 diamonds in a row. You have to consider lifestyle and profession and what type of person she is.

So if she's active, outdoorsy, maybe you want to go for something with a little bit of a heavier, chunkier mounting with really secure prongs that she can beat up a little bit and doesn't have to worry about. Maybe you want something very delicate and feminine and sweet, so a pave halo setting would be perfect for that. Or something more classic, with just a pear shape or oval in the center and beautiful baguettes on the side, tapered and elegant. So, there's several factors to consider, you just have to look at all of your options to select the perfect setting.

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