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Pavé & Halo Settings

Learn about pavé and halo settings from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


I want to talk a little bit about pave setting and halo setting. Pave is basically the French word for "paved." So the diamonds look like they're paved in gold or platinum. Pave can be used in numerous. I have a few examples here to show you. It can be as simple as a wedding band, where the diamonds are covered on all three sides. It can be shown on the underside of the stone and just down the shank of the ring, or set in this fashion, which is called a split-shank, with two rows of pave diamonds down the side. And lastly, we have halo, which has become one of the most popular settings.

It's very delicate and feminine. It actually uses a technique called micro-pave, where the diamonds are so teeny tiny that you can hardly see any metal. This is great if you want to enhance the center stone or make it look a little bit larger, but you also don't want to detract from it. Like this Ascher cut is left alone. The beauty of the brilliance and the light and the reflection of the stone is so nice on its own. All it needed was a little bit of pave diamonds on the side to accentuate it. So that's a little bit about pave diamond settings, and the options are endless.

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