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What Is a 3-Stone Setting?

Learn about 3-stone settings from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


We're going to talk now about a three-stone setting. They're different from solitaires because they're simply three stones, but can be any combination of three stones. It can be colored stones mixed with diamonds, or three of the same diamonds across, or three different diamond shapes set in a row. Either one you choose, it makes a beautiful and substantial look.

So instead of a solitaire, or a single stone, you can have three across like this beautiful round brilliant with yellow sapphires on the side. Or this round brilliant with blue sapphires on the side. Or you can give it a completely different look with varying colors. We have a beautiful sapphire with yellow diamonds, and a peridot with pink sapphires. The color combinations are endless, but the three-stone ring is traditional, but you can make it with your own twist. A three-stone setting can be made with a various number of stones, probably best suited for emerald cuts, cushion cuts, and round brilliants, as all three of the shapes work great together.

So if you're choosing a smaller center stone, you can accent it with some beautiful sapphires or fancy colored diamonds and make a really substantial ring.

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