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How to Pick the Correct Ring Size

Learn how to pick the correct engagement ring size from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So if you've been engagement ring shopping, visited your jeweler, you've probably seen one of these. It's a ring-sizer. So, simply enough, there are numbers on each one of these little rings. Put it on your finger, make sure it fits snugly. It should be a little tough to get on, a little tough to get off. Mine is a 4. Try a half-size up or down and see what's most comfortable for you. If your girlfriend has not had her finger sized, there's a couple ways you can get her size. Well, you can ask friends and family, see if anybody knows.

Take a ring out of her jewelry box that she wears on her left finger. Keep in mind, a right hand sometimes is bigger than our left if you're right dominant and vice versa. You could take one of her rings, draw it on a piece of paper to get the diameter. Maybe put it on your finger, take a ring and just put it on your pinky, see how far it goes down, then you can get kind of a rough measurement of what her finger size is.

If none of those above work, well then it's safe to go with an average size around 5 or 6, just make sure you buy a ring that you're jeweler says that can easily be sized up or down, so that way you'll be able to select a ring with the right size.

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