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What Is a Diamond Certificate?

Learn what a diamond certificate is from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about how to understand a diamond certificate. There are many labs out there that do certify stones, but the Gemological Institute of America is the industry standard, pretty much. Not only does it break down the weight and measurement and proportions of the stone, it also serves as proof of your diamond's identity. So whenever you're shopping for a ring, you need to make sure that one of these come with your stone. So in the diamond grading report, it starts with describing the shape and cutting style of the stone.

This one, we have our oval brilliant, which is right here. As you can see here, it's described: oval brilliant cut. It has the measurements of the stone, gives you the carat weight (which is here, is 3.04 carats), the color grade (which is H), the clarity grade (which is VS1), the finish here (which is basically the cut of the diamond, the polish and the symmetry, which are both good). This also describes fluorescence (which is faint here). Fluorescence is an important characteristic, but I wouldn't focus too much on it unless it says something like "strong blue." It also gives you a little key to the symbols here. There's a little drawing of your stone and it will show you where the crystals or extra facets or cloud may exist within your stone. It also gives you the dimensions of the proportions here. And most importantly, your GIA report number, which is on the side and is sometimes laser inscribed on your stone. Make sure to keep this in a safe place, cuz you'll definitely need it for your appraisal when you want to insure your diamond. 

So that is how to understand a diamond certificate.

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