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How to Buy an Estate or Antique Engagement Ring

Learn how to buy an estate or antique engagement ring in this Howcast video featuring private jeweler Kate Hemphill.


So you're shopping for an engagement ring, but all the new rings you've seen in the cases don't really appeal to you. You want something maybe with a little bit more character and perhaps something with a story. Then an antique engagement ring is a great way to go. Chances are there will only be one of them out there, so your ring will be very unique and special. With antique rings, you don't focus too much on the four Cs.

You really look at the ring as a whole package. There's something special about it. It's unique. It's a gorgeous deco setting, or an Edwardian setting. It's that individual quality that speaks to you, not necessarily each of the four C elements that make it special. Finding an antique ring is not always easy. You have to do some research. You have to do some shopping. Find a trusted jeweler. Also, not many stones n antique rings come with a GIA certificate. So as long as you're comfortable with that, you're in great shape.

You can also on auctions and estate sales. Sometimes you can get a really great deal on a ring. So why not consider getting a vintage or antique ring instead of something new?

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