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How to Get an Engagement Ring like Kate Middleton's

Learn how to get an engagement ring like Kate Middleton's in this Howcast video featuring private jeweler Kate Hemphill.


Kate Middleton's ring is probably one of the most famous in story engagement ring's of all time, as it belonged to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Her 12 carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds is a stunning ring by Garrard's in London.

If you want this look, go for a really, really high quality sapphire, an unheated natural sapphire, set in platinum or white gold with small round diamonds surrounding it. That way you can duplicate the look like a princess.

Unlike the pave halo rings we're seeing a lot of these days, Princess Kate's ring is an oval sapphire with individual small diamonds set around it in their own prongs, not pave set, so each one of them stands out distinctively.

There's two ways to get Kate Middleton's ring: one , you can marry a prince; or two, you can go to your jeweler and help find the perfect blue Ceylon sapphire and set it in a classic diamond cluster setting.

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