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Top 3 Aspects in Astrological Charts of Soul Mates

Learn the top three aspects in the astrological charts of soul mates in this Howcast video featuring famed astrologer Jenny Lynch.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about the three aspects you can find in the charts of sole mates. So number one, if your Sun and Moon are conjunct, this is a very strong sign that you are meant to be. It's especially true if it's the woman's Moon on a man's Sun. If it's the other way around the man might feel a little overwhelmed. Number two, I always look at the South node. If there is a South node conjunct to Venus, it means you were lovers in a past life, and you have come back to finish the job, you have come back to reunite. And number three, there is a little thing called the vertex.

The vertex is called the part of sacred relationship, and at that vertex, should be on your ascendent or your south node. It means that you belong together, you are never going to find anybody else, so you might as well make it work. Now, one couple that has a double whammy, they both have their vertexes on each other's ascendent, is Brad Pitt and Angelina. So it can really make a very compelling testimony that you are sole mates and meant to be.

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