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History of Astrology

Learn the history of astrology from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and here's a brief history of astrology. The earliest recordings that we have come from the cave men, where they painted on their caves and etched on bones, planetary positions. We're going back about 25,000 years for this. Then, in modern day Iraq, where the Babylonians were, they began to record the position of the planets and notice, actually, events on earth and so they created horoscopes there. Around the same time, Egypt was doing horoscopes. They created The Decons and from there they went into what we call Hellenistic astrology, creating a horoscope for a person or an event. At the same time, the Arabs got into astrology and they developed their own systems.

A book from Egypt actually went on a trading ship and landed in the coast of India, where they developed their own system of astrology from that book. During the course of the Roman Empire, astrology was extremely popular and it was taught in Universities. Once the Crusades started, astrology kind of fell down a little bit, but when they got over to the middle east and found all these books they brought them back over to Spain. And around the same time that the printing press was developed so that they could translate these books and print them and everybody could learn astrology again. Astrology goes quiet again until William Lilly in England starts a little bit of a movement and astrology is published as an almanac, pretty much.

It comes to America and gets really popular around the time of the Spiritualists Movement in the 1800s near the Civil War. It goes away again and it comes back big with a counter culture, the hippies loved astrology and made it, is pretty much what it is today.

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