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Connection between Planets & Astrology

Learn about the connection between the planets and astrology from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk to you about the connection between planets and astrology. So, in astrology, the planets symbolize different things. For example, The Sun is the symbol of your physical body - what you look like and how you express yourself. It's also called "the ego" or "the will" - what you intend. The Moon is your emotional makeup. It's also the women in your life - your mother. And, also, your feelings.

Mercury is the planet of the way you think - what you think about, how you think, how you communicate. Venus, the planet of love. Venus is what you like, what you dislike, it's your manners, it's your beauty. Think about Mars - and now we're talking about a planet that roles your drive, your energy level, your approach to work. Saturn.

Saturn is representative of authorities, limitations in our lives, restrictions - but it also rules the structure, your discipline. It can be also a planet that bring us certain limitations, and restrictions. We talk about Uranus. This is a planet that represents change, excitement, things that are sudden, things that are quite unusual. Think about Neptune. Neptune is a planet that rules everything that's mystical, musical, other-worldly, spiritual - things that we can't really see, but we know exist, our faith. And Pluto. Pluto is a very strong planet even though it's quite small. It is a planet of profound change and transformation. And, also, it is a very strong. It gives a lot of energy to where ever it is in your horoscope.

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