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How the Moon Affects Your Love Life

Learn how the moon affects your love life from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about why the Moon is so important to your love life. Now, even though you have a lot of different planets including Venus, that rules your love life, the Moon is important because it rules your personal happiness, and your emotional needs. What you need from another person to be happy. So if the Moon is well aspected in the horoscope, it probably is going to be pretty easy for you to have a good relationship with somebody, but if the Moon has got harsh aspects to it, or is put in a difficult position, now is going to be harder for you to get your needs met.

So you will have to find a remedy that could be like a herbal product that you take, a meditation course, or yoga, something that will, even long distance running actually, but anything that will calm your Moon down, because the Moon does rule how you relate to other people on an emotional level. Now the Moon does go through all twelve signs every single month so as the Moon is going around the Zodiac, your Moon may become more what we call simpatico or more effective by the Moon itself. Because the Moon moves so fast on the horoscope, it also talks about our motions and sometimes you may feel up and sometimes you may feel down. And basically the Moon is not that steady of a planet in the horoscope for the most part. That's why you need to work on your Moon.

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