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How Venus Affects the 12 Zodiac Houses

Learn how Venus affects the 12 zodiac houses from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about Venus in the houses. Now, Venus acts differently in every single house. And, if you put Venus in the first house, you're going to find somebody that is very well behaved and very beautiful. Because this is what Venus does in the first house. It sweetens it up. Alright? The way you look. The way you sound. Put it in the second house, and you can actually make money from one of your talents. You do like the finer things in life too. If you put Venus in the third house, it's going to sweeten your voice. Now we're thinking Frank Sinatra. Somebody with a golden tone. It also means you're generally a happy person and get along with your brothers and sisters. If Venus is in your fourth house, this is the house of the home and family. So, obviously you'd be very fond of your family. It's also the house of real estate. You might get lucky in that area. If Venus is in the fifth house, this is a house of children and your talents and amusements. People with Venus in the fifth house often like to go to movies or they could be very talented in the arts. If Venus is in the sixth house, that's the house of co-workers. It's a house of daily routines, and it's a house of fitness. So, if Venus is there you generally get along with your co-workers very well. But, you also might even meet somebody at the gym or doing a physical exercise.

Put Venus in the seventh house and this is a very good sign for you and your partnerships. Whether it's a business partner or romantic relationship. Venus will help to smooth things out. You might be very popular. If Venus goes into the eighth house, it seems other people want to help you quite a bit. With Venus there, even you can get great terms on loans and credit cards because that's the house of other people's money. It's also the house of sex, so you might really enjoy that too. When you put Venus up in the ninth house, the ninth house rules traveling, foreign affairs, philosophies. It could be a sign that you do like to travel or that you may fall in love with a foreigner. If you put Venus in the tenth house, this is somebody who is going to get a lot of attention in life. It's the sign of a natural born artist. You'll see a lot of performers, fine artists that have Venus up there because it colors your career. It means that it has something artistic in it. If you put Venus in the eleventh house, that's the house of friendship. Friends and goals.

And, you'll be very popular with group situations there and you might even meet somebody from a friend, an introduction. Put Venus in the twelfth house, now we're talking about somebody who's got maybe some secrets attached to their love life. Maybe they're seeing someone and not telling anybody. Venus... the twelfth house is the house of secrets, and Venus does rule love. So, you get the idea that there is something going on behind the scenes. So, that's it about Venus in the houses.

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