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How Mars Affects Your Drive & Energy

Learn how Mars affects your drive and energy from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk to you about how Mars affects your drive and energy. So Mars is basically your drive and your ambition and your personal style. How you go about doing things, your approach. So it acts differently in every sign. So if we have Mars and Aries we're going to have a tremendous amount of energy, it's a fire sign. So if Mars and Aries, you're going to have a lot of courage.

It's a fire sign. It's not afraid of anything and it goes right through other barriers. If Mars is in Taurus we're going to move a lot slower and we're going to be a lot more cautious about what we do. Mars and Taurus is good for making money, but it moves slowly one step at a time. Put Mars in the sign of Gemini, and now we have somebody that can run circles around anybody. They are very, very fluid, very flexible and they're on the go quite a bit. Mars and the sign of Cancer. Now we have a touchy - feely type of person, okay? Mars and Cancer is what we call its fall sign because it's too emotional there and if it gets upset it can't get things done. Put Mars and Leo and now you have the sign of a boss, a manager, somebody that likes to be in charge. Mars and Virgo oh we have somebody who is a natural born critic, somebody who is going to be very exacting in their work, and will work probably way too hard. Mars and the sign of Libra.

This person, their personal style though they might need a partner to get things done because Libra is the relationship sign. Mars and Libra generally gives you good energy and a lot of grace. It's very good for dancing by the way. Put Mars and Scorpio and we have somebody who will not back down. They are definitely out to win okay? Mars actually belongs in Scorpio, so it is very competitive and strong there. Take Mars and put it in Sagittarius and this person is very, just very philosophical. They're not going to get their hands dirty. They're not going to have a fight with anybody.

They have their own belief system and they're just going to have this happy go lucky vibe to their approach. If you put Mars and Capricorn, I have never seen a person with Mars and Capricorn that did not have money. It's the most successful sign. Mars and Capricorn is a sign of exaltation. It means they excellent work and they will always succeed. Put Mars in the sign of Aquarius and now we have somebody who is very good with tech work who's personal style requires a lot of freedom. Uh, we are talking about somebody who works well with technology and computers here, and also with groups of people. If you put Mars and Pisces, this is a musical Mars okay? Um, this Mars wants to express itself creatively. For the most part they're also highly intuitive. So they can use that to their benefit. Okay, that's how Mars affects your drive and ambition.

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