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How Mars Affects the 12 Zodiac Houses

Learn how Mars affects the 12 zodiac houses from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I am Jenny Lynch I'm here to talk about Mars in the houses. Mars can be in anyone of the twelve houses and it has a different meaning in each house. Mars is basically the planet of drive and energy.

The thing you want most in life the thing that you chase we put it in the first house you have an abundance on energy, very, very strong and very courageous. If you take Mars and take it in the second house, this is the house of money either you will work very hard to make it or you could also spend it very quickly. Mars in the second house probably wants it's freedom too. Now but Mars in the third house and you have someone who is constantly running errands, the house of short trips and journey's brothers and sisters you could have fights with them. It is also the house of the neighborhood and the people you live close to , so Mars can be a little bit feisty in that house. It is a good sign for a writer though, somebody can use that Mars energy to communicate . So, Mars in the fourth house this is a sign of someone who could work well in real estate .

The fourth house rules home, family and also real estate. It could also mean you have difficulties with family members or disputes with them , cause Mars is a little feisty in it. Mars can be feisty anywhere, okay? But it in the fifth house and now we are talking about children, your talents and we are talking about your love affairs. So, they can all get very energized there, obviously you are going to want to have romance in your life you might desperately want to have children in there and the third thing is you may want to cultivate one of your talents , throw all your energy into it. If you put Mars in the sixth house this is the house of wellness. work and everyday routine. So, these people work tirelessly it could be you really feel the need to gym and workout or you have disputes with co workers . If Mars is in the seventh house you need an energetic partner, Mars describes the type of person you could be married to there. Somebody who is a little bit ambitious but it could also mean that you could have difficulties with your partner because you are a little hot headed. If you put Mars up into the eighth house, this is a house that transformation, sex and taxes. So, we want to make sure we pay our taxes on time .

Definitely probably going to want to have a lot of sex in your life and thirdly you could have disputes over joint finances. Now if Mars is in the ninth house, this is a sign of somebody who I also your friends and you might be the head of an organization or you might want to do some charity work. You could also have disputes with friends put Mars in the twelfth house you want to work behind the scenes this is the house of retreats so you will find people like film editors, people are writers actually that will spend a long periods of time working alone when Mars is in the twelfth house. So that is Mars through the houses .

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