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How Jupiter Affects Your Luck

Learn how Jupiter affects your luck from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about how Jupiter affects your luck. Now, Jupiter is the planet of luck and wherever it is in your horoscope means this is an area where you will be very lucky. So, whatever sign it's in is associated with luck for you too. For example, if your Jupiter is in the sign of Aeries. Aeries is the enterprising sign. So, it means you could have luck as an entrepreneur. Doing something that hasn't been done before. If Jupiter is in Taurus. This is a sign that you will probably have some wealth in your lifetime.

Taurus rules money. So, it brings financial luck. If Jupiter is in Gemini, your gifted as a communicator. Oprah Winfrey has this. Your biggest luck comes when you communicate your thoughts to others. If the Jupiter is in Cancer. Jupiter is exulted in the sign of Cancer, which means you have a big luck in life because you are a kind and loving person and you're here to help others. If Jupiter is in Leo. This is very a lucky for show business and very lucky with children and just lucky in having fun. If you put Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. This is somebody who is very very particular about things and Jupiter in Virgo is actually not the luckiest place but it is extremely hard-working and that's how they get lucky through work. If Jupiter is in Libra. Now we have somebody who just has really easy relationships. It could be somebody who is really good with public relations too. Anything that needs to look pretty. Put Jupiter in Scorpio. You will probably have other people give you money in your lifetime. Scorpio is the ruler of other peoples money. Whether it's benefits, grants, or inheritances. Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius. You'll get lucky every time you leave the country. This is serious luck outside of where you live.

Foreign affairs and with foreigners. If Jupiter is in Capricorn. You'll be lucky with big corporations. You understand structure. You know how to make proposals and you know how to work in large, what we'll say, institutions too, like government. For Jupiter, in the sign of Aquarius and your luck lies in working with groups of people. Whether it's a humanitarian cause or networking. It's part of like building a team. If Jupiter is in Pisces. Your luck is in being, almost like a reverend, a minister, helping people on a spiritual level. You could also be lucky with beverages. Something that Pisces rule. So, that's Jupiter in the signs.

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