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Why Saturn Is Called the Lord of Karma

Learn why Saturn is called the Lord of Karma from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to tell you why they call Saturn the Lord of Karma. So, Saturn is a very serious planet. And, it lends structure, and discipline to our lives. And the Saturn cycle is about twenty-eight to thirty years. So, for Saturn to go all the way around your horoscope will take that long. And as it goes around your chart, it begins to teach you lessons in every area of life. So, if Saturn was going through, let's say, over your Moon, this would bring up issues of security. You would then to need to start focusing on how to become more secure. Or if Saturn was going over your Venus, you may being to see the cracks and flaws in your relationship. And Saturn is asking your to review this relationship and see if you still want to continue. When Saturn comes to Saturn, as I mentioned, about every thirty years, this is a time for you to review your whole life situation and decide what your going to do for the next thirty years. That's why they call Saturn the Lord of Karma, because we are here to learn things and Saturn is ready to teach us.

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