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How Saturn Affects the 12 Zodiac Signs

Learn how Saturn affects the 12 zodiac signs from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk about Saturn in the signs, while the cycle of Saturn take about twenty eight to thirty years, it spins about two and a half years in each sign and where is is in your horoscope is very important, because it shows the area of life that you really have to focus on; your weak spots sort of speak. So if Saturn is in Aries you may be afraid to take leadership of other people, but that's actually what you're here to learn so you want to learn how to take charge and take things very seriously.

If Saturn is in Taurus, obviously you would have some lessons to learn about finance and money, it could be that you have a career in finance as well. If Saturn is in Gemini, this actually will help you to become a very good communicator, you maybe find it difficult to communicate at first but later on you maybe become highly skilled at that. Saturn in Cancer, almost always talks about family karma because Cancer rules your home and your family. The conditions there may be be a little bit overwhelming from time to time, you may end up having to take care of your family. When Saturn is in the sign of Leo, we're thinking about people that need to not be overly arrogant, okay, Leo is a very showy sign very egocentric and the Saturn in Leo has a tendency to take the world to themselves so the lesson here is a little bit of humility.

Put Saturn in the sign of Virgo and we have a very hard working person who could possibly be a hypochondriac, somebody that worries about their health, wherever Saturn is that's the thing that you kind of worry about, alright? So, if you put Saturn in Libra he is ex halted is in a very good place and um it means that you're here to make sure you do the right things when it comes to relationships, lessons about how to be fair. Put Saturn in the sign of Scorpio and we have somebody who has to learn what to do with other's people's resources, often you're given things and or you're put in charge of situations or moneys that you have to be ethical and do the right thing. Put Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius and we could have a career that deals with traveling or we could be a natural born philosopher, we have lessons to learn about philosophy her. If we put Saturn in the sign of Capricorn it works really well there, it rules it rocks there, okay? and with Saturn there you can actually make things, really set them up to be really successful.

If you put Saturn in the Sign of Aquarius you find many people that become Doctors have that actually, because it shows interest in medicine and anything new, like technology, the hard part about Saturn in Aquarius is not that hard actually because Saturn is also a co-ruler or Aquarius but you might fear groups of people, and so because a lot of people say that they don't like groups, if you're Saturn in Aquarius you might be one of them. Saturn in Pisces. People that have Saturn in Pisces often work in hospitals, retreat centers or behind the scenes. Saturn's also the ruler of your father, so authority figures too, if you have Saturn in Pisces you may not have had a father that was very attentive to you, it may be hard to trust authoritative figures as well, so that's Saturn through the signs.

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