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How Saturn Affects the 12 Zodiac Houses

Learn how Saturn affects the 12 zodiac houses from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here to talk to you about Saturn in the houses. So, Saturn is known as the lord of karma because it teaches us lessons. So, whatever house Saturn is in, that's what you need to learn most, okay? Put Saturn in the first house it means you could be a little reserved, a little cautious. Saturn is not really happy in the first house, but it could make you an authority on a certain subject. Put Saturn in the second house and we're learning lessons about money. Uh, we're also learning how to save it and we might have some limitations with money. Put Saturn in the third house and now you're learning the art of communication. It could also be that you have to learn lessons on how to deal with your brothers and sisters or your neighbors. Put Saturn in the fourth house, this is the house of the home and the family. You might be afraid that you won't ever have a home, or you'd be homeless. Saturn always is a planet that represents a fear. It doesn't mean that that would happen to you ever, but you're also going to live to be quite old because the fourth house is the house of your later years. Wise toothen. Put Saturn in the fifth house, this is the house of children. It doesn't mean that you won't have them it just means that if you do have children they're gonna a, a be a big responsibility for you. You'll take your job very seriously.

If Saturn is in the sixth house it could indicate having to work really hard or it could mean that you actually have some health issues. The sixth house is the house of wellness and with Saturn there you might worry about your health. Put Saturn in the seventh house and that's the house of partnerships and so you might be afraid to get married actually, you may delay your marriage. In the eighth house this is the house of sex, death and the IRS so we want to be careful when the Saturn's in our eighth house because we could learn lessons about money the hard way so we want to make sure that we do the right thing in the first place, okay? Saturn in the ninth house, the ni, the ninth house rules higher learning, and education, and travel. It's often the sign that you would be somebody that could be a teacher. Put Saturn in the tenth house, obviously you are going to be serious about your career.

You'll have lessons to learn about power and the abuse of it too, so do the right thing. Put Saturn in the eleventh house, you may become the leader of a large group or organization. You may also have some difficulties working within groups. It's always a challenge there. And if we have Saturn in the twelfth house. Well, the twelfth house is the unconscious mind but it's also the things that are hidden. You might have phobias, and you might even have a hard time feeling safe when it's in the twelfth house. This is the house of self undoing so you must be very aware about that as well. So that's Saturn through the houses.

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