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How to Read the Astrological Aspects

Learn how to read the astrological aspects from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch, and I'm here to talk to you about astrological aspects. Now, the first most important one is the first one is the conjunction. Conjunction is when two planets are together. It makes the planets stronger - so it intensifies them. The second one, is called the sextile. The sextile arc is when two planets are 60 degrees apart. And they represent opportunities that will be given to you in your lifetime. Next comes the square. And the square is considered a difficult aspect, because it makes it makes you feel uncomfortable. You are almost compelled to do something, take action! Because you feel so uncomfortable, you don't wanna just sit there, you wanna do something to fix the problem. Now, a trine is totally different. A trine is totally different. A trine is where you just want to sit and relax because everything is fine. A trine brings an easy flow into your life. And then the opposition. The opposition is always about you and another person. And this always, it can often mean, that its carnic in nature - that you owe somebody from a past life, and you'll have to deal with them in this life. But it can also be that you just attract somebody into your life to teach your lessons that you need to learn.

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