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What Your Natal Chart Says about Your Love Life

Learn what your natal chart says about your love life from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I here today to talk to you about what your chart says to your about your love life. When I'm looking at somebody's love life, the first thing I do is look at Venus. I see what signs it's in, what house it's in, and how it's aspected - most of all.

So, if Venus has good aspects to it, your love life should be pretty smooth. If Venus has a square to it, this could create some problems in your love life. Alright? Somebody may not be as generous, or you might become jealous sometimes, especially if it's square to Mars. Now, if Venus is trine to Jupiter, this tells you that you going to have plenty of opportunity for romance. Even if it's sextile to Jupiter. But, put Saturn near Venus and now we have a very serious love nature. This person does not wanna to date, they want to mate, for life maybe! So, if Saturn is in favorable aspect to Venus they have a good chance at getting what they want. But if Saturn is in harsh aspect to Venus, they could have a longing to find a perfect mate, but not be able to find them that easily.

Let's put Uranus into the picture. Now we have somebody that might have an exciting love life. Especially if it's Venus and Uranus together. But, put Uranus opposite or at odds to Venus, and now you have someone whose confused about their love life. They actually think they want one, and they keep pushing people away. It's an issue of freedom at play.

Okay, now we're talking about Neptune. What does it mean to have Venus connect with Neptune? It means you're a very romantic person. And if it's a good aspect, things should go well for you. However, if it's harsh, if that Neptune is opposite to Venus, or is square to Venus, now we have some serious love karma. Now we're gonna learn a lesson or two, and it's very likely that things will not go our way, we'll become disappointed because we think we found the right person but we only see them through a certain filter, we only see the good part, and it takes awhile to find out that they're not exactly who they are.

Now, when Venus is in good aspect to Pluto, it increases your passion, and your love. Alright? But, when Venus and Pluto are at odds with each other this is love karma. If it's a square, it could mean that there's betrayal in your lifetime. You fall in love with somebody, they're in love with somebody else, that kind of an issue. And if it's in opposition, you may actually be attracted to a very very powerful love affair. But it may not always go smooth.

So that's how I look at how Venus affects your love life.

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