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What Your Natal Chart Says about Your Family

Learn what your natal chart says about your family from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here today to talk about what your horoscope says about your family. Whenever you're looking at aspects in your horoscope about family you want to look at the fourth house. That rules your family, your home, the later part of your life, and even your ancestry. If you have planets in the fourth house it's going to tell a story about your family.

The other thing you want to look at is the moon because the moon rules your family and if your moon is free of all negative aspects, if it has triads or sextiles, if the moon were conjunct to Jupiter, you would be very happy and you would come from a good family. However, if there were afflictions to the moon, it would talk about area, that the family is the area that you have work on, you know. Maybe there are issues with your mother, sisters, or other females in your family. Getting back to the fourth house, if you have Jupiter down there it means you came a very good family. If you had Saturn down in your fourth house it might mean that you don't feel like your family was supportive enough for you. And if Uranus was there you might have had a very eccentric family or a family that was on the move a lot. Put Pluto in fourth house, as many of my clients, I say, oh, what happened to you when you were young?

They said there's a lot of upheaval. That's what Pluto does in the fourth. Put Neptune down in the fourth house and what does it say about your family? It says they might be very spiritual or they may have been very spaced out. Neptune can work either way. So that's a little bit about how to learn more about your family through your horoscope.

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