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How the North Node Affects Your Destiny

Learn how the north node affects your destiny from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here today to talk to you about the North Node and how it reveals your destiny.

So, the North Node is not a planet, it's an angle, it's where the moon passes over the ecliptic. And astrologers believe that this is the thing in your horoscope that will bring you the most fulfillment.

So, if the North Node was in the First house, it means that you should be working on yourself in this lifetime and that anything you do, any kind of investment you make for yourself should be very fulfilling.

If it's in the Second house, your greatest joy is to be able to earn your own money.

If it's in the Third house, this is the lifetime of learning communication
skills and also you could have a lot of karma with brothers and sisters.

If your North Node is in the Fourth house, it says this lifetime you would be most happiest having a family.

If the North Node is in the Fifth house, this could be sign of you having children. Your greatest fulfillment and joy would come from that area, also from developing a talent.

When you have the North Node in the Sixth House, you will want to find some way that you can be of service to others. This is one of the lessons of this North Node. Once you find how you can help others, you'll find you're happier.

If the Node is in the Seventh house, obviously relationships will be a big focus in your life this time around. Of course, having a marriage, developing a marriage, would bring you a great deal of happiness.

Put the North Node in the Eighth house, you will most likely be thrilled when you try to change yourself in some way. Leaving the old behind and going into a new chapter of your life would be the most fulfilling thing for you.

If you put the North Node in the Ninth house, this is the house of travel and education. You may find that your greatest times are when you're on the road or when you're teaching.

With the North node up in the Tenth house, this means this lifetime, you need to focus on your career and on your profession and bringing your gifts to the world.

If the North node is in the Eleventh house, that's the house of groups and friends and so your greatest joy and fulfillment will be in your friendships and with groups of people.

If you put the North node in your Twelfth house, you may be very attracted to meditation or retreat centers or being in a hospital a way of being of service to charities. This would not be a place where you'd want to spend most of life trying to make your own life work as much as it would to helping others.

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