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What the Composite Chart Can Reveal about Relationships

Learn what a composite chart is and what it can tell you about the true purpose of your relationships in this Howcast video featuring astrologer Jenny Lynch.


Hi I am Jenny Lynch and I am here today to talk about the Composite Chart in a relationship.

A Composite chart is actually the relationship chart. You take one person’s chart and you marry it with the other and you find the mid points between all of their planets and it tells a story about what you can expect from the relationship.

Now there’s a couple of ways to do this; actually, you do the one that’s a midpoint between the planets there's another way to do it, it’s called Davidson Chart, and there you are taking let’s say somebody born in Chicago Ill and somebody born in Paris France so what you do with that is you find the midpoint in their locality and then you cast another chart and that’s the Davidson Horoscope alright? You can do Composite Charts for business partners, romance or well, for any relationship and you can also do them for groups it’s called a Group Composite Charts. I have an example here of the Clinton family where I marry Bill Clinton with Hillary and Chelsey and it tells a story of how they interact as a family.So those are my tips on Composite Charts.

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