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How Your Chart Predicts Love & Marriage

Learn how to use your chart to predict when you will fall in love or even get married in this Howcast video featuring famed astrologer Jenny Lynch.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm talking about how your horoscope can predict when you will marry and the best times to fall in love. First of all, you must look at your House of Marriage. It's called the Seventh House. And I use solar arc directions and eclipses. And if the ruler of the Seventh House is coming to Venus by trine and conjunction, or even sextile, it's a sign that you could get married that year. It doesn't give the exact date, but the year is good enough for me. Now, when are the best times to fall in love? Well, Venus rules your love life.

And so, you wanna do if when Jupiter's around. By conjunction - great. By trine - wonderful. You wanna do it, it means the, because if you have Jupiter near your Venus is means that you are attracting the very best in life. Now if Saturn is near your Venus, by aspect, if means that you are attracting somebody that you might have a lot of responsibility with or a relationship that may have longevity. If it's Uranus that your attracting you're going to have a very fun and exciting time, but will it last? Wait to see. And if Neptune is coming, you are going to meet the sole-mate, probably. Or at least somebody that appears to be. If the planet Pluto is coming to your Venus by trine or even conjunction or opposition, we are talking about a very big romance, something so powerful it will transform your life.

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