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How Astrology Can Improve Relationships

Learn how astrology can improve relationships in this Howcast video featuring famed astrologer Jenny Lynch.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here today to talk about predictive astrology. How can you tell your future using astrology? Well, one of the easiest ways is what we call planetary transits, the planets that go around. Jupiter has a 12-year cycle, Saturn has a 30-year cycle. As they're going around the horoscope we can predict different events or different settings, so to speak, what you're thinking about, what you're going through. If you want to know what's going on in the inner self, then we're going to do a thing called progressions and we're going to move those planets forward for every day of your life. It's an old ancient technique. That will describe the way you feel, your inner landscape.

If you want to know the year in which you're going to marry, get a job, fall of your horse, have a baby, now we're talking about solar arch directions. This is a very old technique that astrologers used for kings and queens to predict exactly what would happen for the new prince or the new princess. Finally, we have something called eclipses. Eclipses are like angels from the heavens singing down, announcing a change is taking place. Eclipses will come just before an event occurs in your life. Let's say you had an eclipse in your second house of money.

You might get a really big royalty check in the mail or you might get a better paying job. If the eclipse takes place in your fifth house of children and romance, it could be a sign that you're meeting somebody new or that you're about to give birth. So when astrologers look at a horoscope to predict the future we are looking at several things, okay? Transits, progressions, directions, and eclipses.

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