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Best Time to Travel or Take a Vacation

Learn how to use astrology to determine the best time to travel or take a vacation from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here today to talk about when is the best time for a holiday or a vacation. Jupiter is the planet that rules vacations. And long distance traveling as well. But it's all because Jupiter is a planet that brings new things into our life and helps us to expand. So you always want to plan a trip for when Jupiter is making favorable aspects to your Sun, to Mercury because Mercury rules travel.

To the ascendent because then you are going to meet a whole bunch of new people. Or you can even do it when Jupiter is going through your ninth house of far distance and foreigners. This is when you would have the best possible long journey. You don't want to do the traveling if Saturn is afflicting a planet because that could indicate limitations, delays, but, if you had Jouran is in favorable aspect to one of your planets, that would be a very exciting trip indeed. Okay and traditionally we always say do not travel anywhere if Mercury is retrograde because you could run into all kinds of complication. So those are my tips for traveling.

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