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What "Mercury in Retrograde" Means

Learn what "Mercury in retrograde" means from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Jenny Lynch, and I'm here to tell you what Mercury in retrograde means! What does it really mean? People say "Mercury is retrograde". Well it goes retrograde at least three times a year. And, when it's retrograde, it means that things are kinda slowing down and it's getting a little hard to move forward. They always say, that you shouldn't sign contracts, buy a new car, buy a new computer, start a new job when Mercury is retrograde. Because, basically, you don't have enough information. I think of it as a time when the Universe just wants to tell you a little bit more of the story, before you commit. Okay? Now, what is it good for?! Mercury retrogrades are excellent to redo anything.

Anything with the R-E word is good for a retrograde. So "redo", "reorganize", "rethink", "resolve". Sometimes people from your past will suddenly call you back. It's a good time to get in touch with your past. The world around you is slowing down so you can catch up. You may feel the retrograde, more than other people, if it contacts a planet in your chart or an angle. So you should never have to be afraid of a Mercury retrograde. It just means it's time for you to hit the reset button, get things right, and then proceed.

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