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How the Saturn Return Affects You

Learn how the Saturn return affects you from famed astrologer Jenny Lynch in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Jenny Lynch and I'm here today to talk about the Saturn return and how Saturn returns affect you. Well, the cycle of Saturn is about 28 to 30 years, so you'll get your first return around 28 to 30 years old. You'll get a second one 28 or 30 years later, and you'll get a third one in your 90s. Now, the first Saturn return is very important because it talks about, like, you've been living here on the planet this long. Now what do you want to do for the next 28 years? And you'll have to make decisions about your career, generally speaking, at that time. If you don't already have a clear idea, it's time to stop being a waiter and go back to school and make a plan. The second Saturn return is about sharing everything that you learned in the first, say, 58 years?

So in this return you're more of a teacher or an instructor. You want to share your knowledge with others. Now, a Saturn return is important in the horoscope but it depends on what house its in and what sign it's in, and it will give you a clue of what you can expect. Well, Saturn returns are actually very good for you because the first return being so important, it gives you the structure to lay down the foundation for your future. It depends on what sign it's in. For example, if Saturn were in Virgo, right, you might decide to become an editor or you might be working as a veterinarian or in a restaurant as a chef because these are the Virgo qualities. These are the things that Virgo rules. If the Saturn return came in the sign of Capricorn, you might decide to run for office because Capricorn rules government, right? It could be a million other things too but those are my tips on Saturn returns.

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