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How to Throw a Beer-Tasting Party

Learn how to throw a beer-tasting party from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


How to throw a beer tasting party: There are few different ways you can go with this. One popular thing to do is get many different beers of many different styles. Have everyone who's coming to the party bring something that they really like where that they want to share or that they've never had before. And then you get a really diverse selection of beers that when you open it you all have small tastes of everything and you discuss it. You talk about what you like and what you don't like and generally have fun. Another way to do it, and a lot of people do this is maybe in the Summer they might have an IPA party where everyone brings their favorite IPA's and you're just drinking IPA's through the whole night. In the

Winter maybe you want to do a Stout and Porter party. Where everyone brings Stouts and Porters and just keep trying different things and tasting different things. But a really fun option to do is the blind tasting. This can be very eye opening and usually people stick to a certain style when they're throwing this sort of beer tasting party where you'll get, you know, we'll use IPA's for an example. Everyone might have their favorite or think they have their favorite, but you actually pour the tastes out and you mark them in cups that you can't see through because you don't want people to be swayed by the color of the beer. You want as few identifiers as possible and then you have everyone taste the beer and rate the beers.

And then, at the end, you let everyone know which beers people preferred by how much and often times people learn a whole lot about beers and about themselves and what they prefer through these blind tasting parties. But the real truth is, there is no wrong way to throw a beer tasting party. You just declare that you're having one. Decide what parameters you're comfortable with and that you want to do and have fun. And that's how you throw a beer tasting party.

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