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What Is Craft Beer?

Learn what craft beer is from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


What is craft beer? Craft beer is produced by craft brewers who are generally independent brewers. They tend to be smaller. Some people have specific definitions about their sizes but just think of them as smaller breweries. They're owned by primarily themselves, the people who are making, producing the beer, bringing the product to you, and that helps them with one of my favorite aspects of craft beer, which is to make it very community-minded.

So they'll be the first people, say, to, you know, donate kegs for a community fundraiser. They also tend to have, in my opinion, an extremely high quality of beer and that's because they're really involved in the everyday, day to day process of brewing.

So you can wind up with craft beer that is really just that, finely crafted. It's a finely crafted product, and to me that's what makes it great because you're involved with the people who are bringing that product to you. It's, you know, very, very good in general and everyone's integrity is really on the line with every pint that they serve. So, in a nutshell, that is what craft beer is.

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