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Types of Beer Glasses

Learn about the different types of beer glasses from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


The glass provides your initial aesthetic about the beer. If you're served a beer in a glass like this you're going to have different expectations than if you're served a glass of beer in a glass like this. 

Part of it is, you're going to have your more, what we consider "basic beer" served in a pint glass, which is what this glass is. You're going to have your pale ales, your IPAs, your porters, your ESBs, just your pretty accessible basic beers. It's a very functional glass that has been used and appreciated for a long time.

This glass here is more like a flute. What you're going to see there is a delicate lip. The aromatics are going to come directly up into your nose so you're going to experience a lot more of the beer you're going to drink in this glass. Certain things like American Wild's or Ice Box, different styles that you really want to savor, you might expect to come in this glass. 

Another very widely used glass is the tulip. This, again, can be a sort of all purpose glass because of the ability that it gives you to swirl the beer. The round base can be used to warm beer up so that you can get more of the flavors. That's a really nice aspect to this glass.

Also, this glass is going to encourage more head on the beer, which is what you really want when you're looking for the entire sensory experience of beer.

Then, we also have the wisin glass. Wisin is a wheat beer and it really wants a large head. This glass, some of them come with a mark right about here and the beer is supposed to go right about there, and the head to top it off. Again, you're smelling the banana and the fruitiness, maybe some clover, coriander, and you're really experiencing this beer. 

Also, it's approximately 20 ounces of beer is what you get in here so high volume, lots of head, a good drinking experience. 

These are some examples of different types of beer glasses.

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