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Different Styles of Beer

Learn about the different styles of beer from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


A beer's style generally describes the origin and character of the beer. Over years, many different beers evolved in many different locations and came to be called certain things. And when they were called that they had certain attributes that were given in that style of beer. Some styles have come to be sort of classic styles. Like, for instance a Pilsner or a Porter. And those are long-standing, generations of brewers have aimed for certain, specific things in brewing those types of beers. There have been, lately, some new styles that came along, and that's always been the case.

Beer is always evolving, styles will always be changing, and what we look for in styles will always be changing over time. A relatively new style that causes a lot of debate called the Black IPA. Some people think it's not a legitimate style at all, they think it's a hoppy porter. But some people are very stringent on the fact that no, it's a new style, it's a Black IPA. And you're going to have debates that just rage into the night. And again, that's part of the fun of craft beers. That's it is very innovative, but yet also adheres to specific historical styles.

So my best advice is to figure out which styles of beer that you are drawn to by trying a breadth of different styles. And then in trying those different styles and keeping them in mind while you're drinking them, you'll come to find out, do you like porters and stouts? Do you like ales? Do you like lagers? Do you like pilsners? Do you love IPAs? Are you a hop head? So after you've tried a breadth of styles of beer you might find that you have come to a better understanding of the different styles of beer. And that's really the aim here.

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