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Learn all about pilsners from beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Pilsners originated in the town of Plzeň in the Czech Republic. There's a lot of lore around this, but what essentially happened is that the citizens of the town dumped a whole batch of beer because the quality was so poor. And that made the townspeople come together to build a state-of-the-art brewery. They found a brew master, and that brew master brought some very important components to Plzeň. And what he brought in a nutshell is Bavarian yeast.

So he brought the Bavarian yeast to Plzeň and used the local products, the local hops and the local malts, and using very refined skills really from Bavaria because beer was where, at that time, more high quality there. But using very refined skills picked up there and translated into the town of Plzeň in the Czech Republic, those Czech ingredients really created what is the pilsner today. Basically it became very light, very crisp, and that was almost revolutionary at the time. Almost all beers at that point were dark, perhaps murky. And the soft water and the noble hops all combined to make this crisp, delicious beverage, known today as a pilsner. A pilsner, it falls into the lager category of beers, and it is probably the most popular style of light lager.

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