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Dark Lagers

Learn all about dark lagers from beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Dark loggers use, obviously, the logger yeast. It may have a bit of darker malt use. So, you might start with, you know, a little bit of the caramelly malt that comes from roasting the malt. And, you know, you can go from , you know, a little bit dark to about medium dark, which this is and, you know, towards even very dark with more and more roast. And you'll get the very dark loggers and something like a Schwarzbier. And that can be actually almost black. And, as a result of the roastiness, which gives it it's color, you're going to, you know, that flavor will also come through on top of that very clean logger yeast. So, you really are getting a, you know, a pure expression of the roasting malt, and a dark logger. So basically, that it what a dark logger is. It's using logger yeast and a slight roast to a more moderate roast on the malt.

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