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Bock Beers

Learn all about bock beers from beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Bock beers are a traditional style of beer that originated in Germany. They can range from the Maibock or the Helles Bock, which tends to be pale, malty. It's made with a lager yeast so, again, those flavors come out very clean. Then you get to the next step which would probably be called the traditional bock and there the malts are going to be, you know, a little bit roasty.

Again, these are strong beers, so you get your traditional bock and then you get your Dopplebock, which is I guess loosely, you can call it a double bock, so, you know, instead of being around six percent alcohol by volume, you're looking at anywhere up to like nine percent alcohol by volume. Again, there, you know, bock beers are generally strong, malty beers.

There's another type of bock beer called the Ice Bock, and although this one is usually stronger than the Dopplebock, the name itself, the Ice Bock, refers to the process that is used in order to create it, and that process is by concentrating the beer and the alcohol by the process of freezing. And as a result, sometimes the Ice Bocks need a longer time to lager in order to smooth out that alcohol that is produced by the concentration. So bock beers are traditional German-style beers. They tend to be stronger and malty.

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