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Wheat Beers

Learn all about wheat beers from beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Wheat beers are beers that substitute wheat for part of the cereal. So you'll have, you know, your normal ingredients of beer, your water, hops, you know, your barley and your yeast, but you'll also have, you know, some of that barley taken out and replaced with wheat. They're going to be pale, fruity, the yeast that's used sometimes it can lend almost a banana flavor. You can get some clove flavors, I'm talking specifically about the weizen or the hefeweizen. And it's a very popular traditional style of wheat beer. There's also the Dunkelweizen, and that's a darker, maltier version. It, you know, combines the attributes of the Dunkel, which has the roast to it and the weizen, which has the wheat. So, a lot of times people find the wheat to be very smooth drinking beer and that'll be roasty and smooth and, you know, really delicious and very easy to drink. You also have the Weizenbock, which combines the qualities of the weizen beer and the bock beer, so you're going to get a much richer body from the bock beer element, and it's you know, it's just going to be, you know, dark, roasty, but wheaty at the same time and, you know, a little bit stronger, really substantial. You know, it's a beer you should watch out for because it goes down really smooth, but carries a punch.

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