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Fruit Beers

Learn all about fruit beers from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Fruit beers are beers that have fruit added to them during the brewing process, it's pretty straightforward, but when you think about what fruit actually adds, if you do it you know during the fermentation process, if that's when you add the beer, it's gonna give the, the beer more sugars to ferment, so it can actually create some complex flavors.

And by doing it that way, and also you get rid of the sweetness that you know is naturally with the fruit because that’s what fermentation is, is its turning that sweetness into the alcohol. Probably the best known fruit beers are the, the Lambic beers, the Belgium Lambic beers where they add, fruit., creek for instance is that Belgium word for cherries, and so their tradition creek, beer uses cherries I think about 6 months into the aging process, and that creates a, you know a sour beer, but with a very cheery you know backbone to it.

There are a lot of different ways to approach fruit and beer, you know like that, you can also add it after the fact, and that will you know, you'll get the fruity qualities, but you'll get less complexity from that. So fruit beers are something where you know, right now we're in a age of experimentation you know, and beer, a lot of people call it the golden age, and you know part of what brewers are experimenting with, is the addition of fruit to the beers at you know different times, you know during the brewing process. So if you do look at a draft board and you see a style that includes fruit in it, you know it might be something worth checking out, and again that's what fruit beers are.

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