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Smoked Beer

Learn all about smoked beer from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


In terms of an actual style of beer, the Bamberger Rauchbier is your truest example. It's a lager made with malt that has been smoked over well-seasoned beech wood. In terms of what's happening today in the craft brew world, many different brewers are experimenting with smoke and smoke malt is available, also a lot of brewers smoke their own malt, and they'll usually use that in conjunction with something like a stout or a porter.

The Alaskan smoked porter is probably the most well-known example of this beer, it's delicious. Smoke, the smoke flavor can range anywhere from, you know, kind of just slightly smokey to, if it goes in a direction that many people feel is very wrong, to, you know, straight up ashtray. Sometimes you can get flavors of almost bacon or a campsite, and, as with anything, some people are really drawn to this flavoring or this style of beer and some people are absolutely not drawn to it. But, it is, it's a fun flavor that some brewers really enjoy playing around with.

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