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Chocolate Beer

Learn all about chocolate beer from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Brewers can coat? like some chocolate-like flavors out of roasting the malt. There's even a variety of malt called chocolate malt because of it's chocolate-like properties that it can lend to the beer. But also a lot of brewers will put actual chocolate, work the cow into the brewing process in order to get a more intense, um, chocolate flavor that is instead of being chocolate-like it is actual chocolate flavor.

There is also a process that you can use which is aging beer onto cow nibs and that's a really interesting way to import the chocolate flavor into the beer that you have. As you would imagine it's done a lot with scouts and porters but I wouldn't be surprised if, you know, you start seeing some chocolate flavors in different kinds of beers because brewers are getting quite experimental these days. But again it's a very interesting flavor that is pretty compelling to many people in the world. So, I'm not surprised to see a lot of brewers really playing around with how to get the chocolate flavor into their beers.

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