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Coffee Beer

Learn all about coffee beer from expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


Coffee is a flavor that, as you would imagine, would go really well with the roasted or slightly bitter flavors of a porter or stout, but you can really use coffee in a wide variety of beers. There's been lately a few coffee IPAs on the market that are stunningly delicious. So I found that lately brewers are willing to try almost anything and often times I might be a little dubious. Like I didn't think the coffee IPA would be good, how could it?

And then I tried it and it was just fantastic. There are a few different ways that you can incorporate coffee into the brewing process. You can use whole beans, or you can use ground coffee, or you can use coffee that's already brewed. That's a technique that I've heard brewers having a lot of success with, but it's really in it's, you know, hay day of experimentation. So you'll probably have a great conversation with a brewer if you ask them how they incorporated coffee into their coffee beer.

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