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Brewery Tours

Learn what it's like to take a brewery tour from beer expert Katherine Kyle in this Howcast video.


A lot of breweries will offer tours and they are really fun things to do. Most of them will take you through at least part of the facility itself so you can get of, not quite a hands on idea of how to brew, but at least a real good visual idea. You'll see the different steps and you'll come to understand more of what's involved in producing the beer. I suggest, if you want to go on a brewery tour, is to find a brewery near you, or near where you're going to be, and make sure to contact them. Make sure they are giving a brewery tour.

Not all breweries do give tours, but when you find ones that do, often times they'll be set up such that you'll have your tour, then you'll wind up in some sort of tasting room where then you can try the different beers that are available. It's something that more and more brewers are doing and they're seeing the real value in educating the consumers. And there's nothing like tasting a beer that's made so fresh and available right there at the brewery. It can be a real game changer in terms of what styles of beer you like and also just your general appreciation for the product itself. So I highly recommend that you go on brewery tours.

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